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blainesart.com - Blaines Art, Anchorage, Alaska is a great art supply for the whole state

Framingsupplies.com - great prices on framing tools and board.

Frames by Mail - This site has great navigation and is easy to use.

eframes.net has personalized service and good quality sectional metal frames at very reasonable prices. You can order directly on line now. Shipment is always fast and efficient.

Cheap Joe's if you're an artist you probably already know about Cheap Joe's. I've only had one defective item that they replaced right away. Good quality, good deals, and a sense of humor throughout their catalogs.

Impact Images All kinds of bags for packing cards and prints. They also carry foam and other cut backing boards and an assortment of other items used in marketing art prints. Shipping is not cheap, but they pack well and charge fairly. Shipping on my last order was almost more than the item total. Good thing they offer excellent prices on their products!

Uline packaging and shipping materials--from bubble wrap to plastic bags, they have everything you need for packaging. Not always the cheapest but the most comprehensive I have seen.

B&H Photo is a huge site which I find rather hard to navigate without using their site search option. I like their selection of Epson papers and inks. Their prices are very reasonable on digital equipment and they have sales and used equipment quite regularly. B&H has good reputation with prosfessional photographers.

ABC Target has display items--racks, stands, grid walls, and all the accessories needed to get set up for marketing at shows or a retail store.

Dick Blick Art Materials is another good source of art supplies. I've had good service from them.

eBay is a great source for beads, fabrics, and many other items. If you haven't registered (it's free) and set up a PayPal account you don't know what your're missing. Just be sure to check for sellers with good feedback ratings and fair shipping charges.

Jerry's ArtaRama is another large store similar to Cheap Joe's. Tons of art, framing, and related supplies to spend money on.

Daniel Smith has a good selection of general art supplies and their own brand of paints featuring tempting new colors.

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