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Excursion Inlet Alaska


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Excursion Inlet is located on the eastern boundry of Glacier Bay National Park in the beautiful Southeast Alaska panhandle. The inlet is the traditional fishing grounds for the Hoonah area native people, was used as a US Navy re-supply base and German POW camp during WWII, and is the home of the one of the longest operating salmon canneries in Alaska. The cannery is now owned and operated by Ocean Beauty and provides important fish processing services and employment for the area.



Excursion Inlet has been a summer destination for our family for over twenty years. bear cove, Excursion Inlet Excursion Inlet Bear cove
Excursion Inlet beach humpback whale


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This remote summer retreat offers a slower pace with plenty of solitude, inspiring vistas, and very few distractions--the perfect combination for painting or just relaxing.


My art studio is a corner of our living room which overlooks our small cove and the Inlet. For the past several years, I have hosted an art show for Inlet friends and neighbors to view my new art and take a break from the fishing and outdoor activities.

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